E. Gräber Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH has long been committed to the promotion of young people. This social commitment is reflected in various projects through the sponsorship, participation and support of various clubs through a constant willingness to help.


JFV Hunsrückhöhe Morbach

This year, our JFV Hunsrückhöhe Morbach and sponsor E. Gräber diamond tools surprised the participants with a special highlight. The 1. FCK professional Kacper Przybylko completed a training session followed by an autograph session. The admiration of the participants could be seen in the eyes, and for an additional unforgettable day for the children next to the holiday camp care.
There was also a new record again this year. In the 6th year of the holiday camp, we were topping up the applicant’s registration by 5 additional participants.
During the period from July 3 to July 7, participants aged between 7 and 14 were able to look forward to the best training conditions and their procedures.
At a registration fee of unchanged 109 euros compared to the previous years, the children received a tricot set including a flocking logo sponsor and club name, a Jako shoe bag as well as a drinking bottle from our JFV HH Morbach on the first day of the 4-day event.
The following training days were focused on football specific areas such as technology, head – ball, coordination and goal closing, as well as play and fun forms in the afternoon.

At the end of the event, the respective winners were awarded in the “HÄRTESTER SCHUSS”, “ELFER KÖNIG” and “FASTSTER PLAYER” categories.
During the performance and acceptance of the DFB badge in gold, silver and bronze, all players were able to reach the pre-determined points and thus receive their certificates and pins.
Great prizes for the honors such as 2 VIP tickets for a basketball home game of the TBB Trier (sponsored by Diamantwerkzeuge E. graves from Stipshausen), as well as 2 tickets for a home match of the 1. FC Kaiserslautern (sponsored by Freaky Devil Piercing Tattoostudio in Büchenbeuren, Inh. Mathias Bösch). In addition, there were 2 original jerseys of the 1. FC Kaiserslautern with autograms of all professionals, handsigniert and other material prices.
We would like to thank our sponsor and name E. Graber Diamantwerkzeuge from Stipshausen, the Pizzeria Lucania and Rewe in Morbach for delivery of the lunch over the 4 days, the SV Morbach for the provision of the sports facility, the Tattoostudio Freaky Devil Piercing in Büchenbeuren, M. Bösch (for the commitment of professional Kacper Przybylko …) and all voluntary helpers of our JFV.